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Gymnastics / Tumbling

Coach Dani

We are a personal gymnastics experience in which we all work together to build each other up and achieve our goals. Children will learn an array of tumbling skills and techniques as well as learn from their peers!  


Field Hockey

Coach Vera

Children will learn the fundamentals of Field Hockey, while learning team leadership skills and having fun!

Painting Pottery


Ms. Laura

From sculptural delights to functional wonders, this ceramics class will open up artistic possibilities.  Your child will shape unique creations, each piece infused with a sense of accomplishment and self-expression.


Dance Class

Children will learn to express themselves and their individual style through movement.  They will learn stretches, technique across the floor, and dance routines incorporating different styles such as hip-hop, jazz, cheer, classical and Latin, to several different music genres.  They will increase flexibility, overall coordination

and confidence.

free running-01-01.png

Miami Free-running &

Parkour Academy

Kids will gain strength, balance, coordination and confidence while doing what kids do best... running, jumping, and climbing.


Creative Tech Club & Robotics

Children will experience a hands-on experience at the Minds of Tomorrow Studio.  Activities include coding, design, robotics and entrepreneurship.


Piano with Do Re Mi

Children will participate in group keyboard playing, ear training, music theory, and side reading music notation using Yamaha and Suzuki methods.

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Minds Over Miles Run Club

A A fitness program that teaches Growth Mindset & Empowerment principles through fun running

games & drills.

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Golf Club

High Five Academy

Program is designed around teaching youth the game of golf, as well as helping them understand and ultimately develop a foundation for the basics. Lesson is comprised to be fun, interactive, and engaging.


Art in the Park

Ms. Jimena

Children will experiment with different types of materials.  They will learn basic art skills by creating 2 Dimensional drawings & paintings.   They will learn and apply The Elements of Art (color, line, texture, value, shape, space).


Multi-Sport Games

Coach Vera

Children will focus on developing physical fitness.  They will develop the skills necessary to participate in a wide range of activities & sports.

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Yoga Mindfulness

Ms. Carolina

Yoga practice designed for children to help increase strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Incorporates different techniques to learn poses, breathing and affirmations that will teach self-love and self-awareness.  Mindfulness activities will aid children in staying focused and enjoy their "presents".


Soccer with

Coach Angel

Children will learn core soccer techniques which include stopping and starting with the ball, changing directions, and cutting and turning with the ball. 



Sensei Wong

This empowering Martial Arts class applies a curriculum that uses traditional martial arts techniques to teach self-defense and leadership skills to children.


Capablanca Chess Academy

Children will learn and play chess to develop their brain. They will benefit from enhanced concentration, strengthen critical thinking which will enhance language and mathematical abilities. 


Tennis Club

High Five Academy

Tennis class basic beginner class using the appropriate format of sized equipment and activities kids have fun by playing to learn.  This program initiates and progressively develops the right skills and techniques for beginner level kids.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Coach Julie

Explore the fun and adventure in this Ultimate Frisbee beginner class.  Kids will enjoy the skills needed during scrimmage matches to test their ultimate frisbee skills.



High Five Academy

Explore the fun and adventure in this Ultimate Frisbee beginner class.  Kids will enjoy the skills needed during scrimmage matches to test their ultimate frisbee skills.

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Soccer @ St. Agnes Academy

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing and opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction.  Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner.

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