Frequently asked questions

How does my child get to his/her enrichment class?

* If child is a student of Key Biscayne K-8, our staff will pick up child from school and walk them to civic park or village green where in-person classes will be taking place for Spring 2021 Enrichment season. Or parent/caregiver can pick up child from school and drop them off at their enrichment class at the Village Green. * Students from all other schools will need to be dropped off at the Village green or Civic park by parent/care-giver wherever their designated enrichment class is taking place.

Where do I pick up my child?

Parents/Caregivers are to pick up child from Civic park or Village green at the end of their enrichment class. More details will be shared with registered parents week of August 30, 2021. You can also reach us direct via email at:

How are profits distributed to local schools?

At the end of each enrichment season Key Biscayne Children and Education foundation will provide each school with profits from their students. "the money will follow the student" meaning KBCEF will donate profits to the school where the child attends.

What are profits used for?

Each school will utilize their donations to make school improvements or to pay personnel.

How many students per enrichment class?

Maximum 12 students per instructor.

Don't see a class I'm interested in the schedule...

We can make one! You can even get your own group of friends together and with a minimum of 5 registrants we can coordinate an instructor and add class to our schedule. Contact us for further details at

What happens if it's raining?

Please make sure your child has a raincoat / umbrella in their backpacks on the days they participate in the enrichment program. We will be cancelling classes only if there is heavy rain, lightining and/or thunder. A decision will be made by 12:30pm on rainy days in order for you to have enough time to accommodate the pick-up of your child in the event that we need to cancel classes.