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The Key Biscayne Children & Education Foundation is excited to be partnering with St. Agnes Academy to offer their students an after school enrichment program on-site.

Winter 2023-24 Semester Schedules

Exclusive to Students of St. Agnes Academy

Click to view schedules below


Classes begin October 30, 2023

Last day to register is October 27, 2023

Here's How to Register:

1.  Visit

2.  Choose "St. Agnes Academy Afterschool Enrichment Program"

3.  Register your child by clicking “Program Registration”

4.  Choose  your class by Clicking “Express Register” next to class of choice

5.  Create a new account by clicking “New Family” and follow the registration process to input student’s information.

6. Mark your calendar, Classes begin October 30, 2023

For more information please email
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